All the Answers to Your Poke FAQs

We can tell from the demand and popularity of Poke that folks want to know more about our popular Hawaiian cuisine. Since it’s still somewhat new to many Americans, let’s look at some frequently-asked-questions related to Poke.

What is Poke & What Are Poke Bowls?

Poke, which is pronounced “poh-kay,” is a Hawaiian dish consisting of chunks of fish embellished with several complementary ingredients. Usually, fish is marinated and includes anything from salmon, tuna, octopus, and even shellfish. We have a wide variety of central ingredients for use as the central piece of a Poke Bowl.

A Poke Bowl is the whole dish, where you take the Poke and augment it with a variety of seasonings, sauce, veggies, seeds, rice, and more. You can top it with things like avocado, Jamaican Cream, wasabi, macadamia nuts, and masago. Most places that serve Poke Bowls offer it as an a-la-carte system of ingredients where you choose whichever you prefer.

What is Tuna/Ahi Poke?

Tuna and Ahi are among the two most popular Poke. There are many types of tuna, but Ahi is an especially tasty one, also known as a yellowfin tuna. It’s a generally stronger flavor than most other tuna, which has led to its popularity on Poke menus.

What is Poke Sauce?

Although there are many sauces we use to generate great seafood flavor, Poke sauce typically involves a combination of soy sauce, sesame oil, and maybe some hot pepper. Our favorite sauces include shoyu, ponzu, og sauce, Island Fin Fire, and wicked wahine.

Are Poke Bowls Healthy? How Many Calories?

Poke Bowls are an excellent source of clean proteins and healthy fats (Omega-3’s). We do not use harmful trans fats or dubious oils for cooking Poke.

As far as calories are concerned, it’s super easy to track your intake with our Nutritional Calculator.
You can pre-construct a Poke Bowl, using your favorite ingredients, and keep a tally of the calories, carbohydrates, sugars, cholesterol, sodium, and anything else you find on the back of a food label.

What’s the Origin of Poke?

Poke started with Hawaiian fishermen who concocted a quick and delicious way to prepare the fresh reef fish they caught. One thing led to another, local restaurants coopted the idea, introduced a ton of preparation varieties, and the Poke Bowl became a local staple. Now, it’s immensely popular in the continental U.S.

We hope you found these questions/answers helpful. Island Fin Poke is happy to elaborate on what goes into our product while we serve it with the best customer service. If you want to learn how to find Poke near you, be sure to check the closest Island Fin Poke location. We’re expanding quickly and coming in your direction soon. Feel free to email us any other business or menu questions any time!

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