Here’s How to Use Chopsticks to Eat Poke!

Using chopsticks is an art that might seem challenging at first. Once you get the hang of it, you can start using them to eat our delicious poke bowls with ease. At Island Fin Poke, we want to help you along your Chopstick Mastering Journey. We have a few quick tips on the best way to use these utensils like a pro.

Get Into Position

The first and most crucial step is getting that first chopstick perfectly balanced on the ring finger and base of the thumb of your dominant hand, be it left or right. Once it’s firmly in place, use your middle finger to keep it in place against the thumb.

Grab the Second Chopstick

Pick up the second chopstick and secure it between the middle finger and the base of the thumb. Use your index finger to pinch the chopstick and create stability. Make sure you can move the top chopstick in an upward motion.

Time to Open and Close

Now that you have your chopsticks firmly in place, you can start practicing moving them. You can do this by moving your index finger in an upward motion, bringing the other chopstick up to meet it. Try holding it towards the end if it feels more comfortable. Some people feel they have more stability doing it that way.

Don’t Let Go of the Poke

Once you feel ready to chow down with your chopsticks, it’s time to pick up your delicious Island Fin Poke Bowl and dig in. The shape of most of the food in these bowls makes it easy enough to pick up and eat. You can now raise the top chopstick, push it into the bowl, secure some food in your grasp, and bring it up to your mouth. You may lose a small piece here and there along the way, but you’ll get most of it. The more you practice, the better you’ll become.

Follow these quick tips on how to position and use your chopsticks when you pop around to Island Fin Poke. View our menu and place an order online at selected stores. You can also complete this contact form for answers to any of your questions. We look forward to seeing your radiant faces at one of our many stores so you can rock your mad chopstick skills.

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