How to Hire the Best Employees for Your Franchise

One of the most critical issues for franchise owners is employee selection. Good employees are the background of your business, and without them, your business cannot prosper. Therefore, it’s essential for us to devote some time to finding and developing the best employees.

Focus on the following variables when you’re deciding who to hire for your franchise.

What type of employee do you need?

Your first step is to make sure you know what you need for your business. For restaurant owners, you might ask whether you need a temporary cook for the summer or a salaried assistant manager. This is always significant because if for no other reason, it will dictate how you compensate them and whether they should receive overtime work.

Don’t forget that if you’re hiring a secondary manager, it needs to be somebody who has a similar business philosophy. They’ll be the one who does a lot of the subsequent hiring and training along with you.

Advertise job openings in all the relevant venues.

Island Fin Poke approaches job announcements in several fashions. Many of our franchises post job offerings directly on their location website under the “contact” section. You can see how the Downers Grove location did it here. Then, there are other ways to attract strong candidates by advertising on large job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, and so forth.

Since most staff positions will attract local candidates, it’s also a good idea to use social media to announce help wanted. This is one reason the Island Fin Poke locations have advertising accounts on Facebook.

Focus on the trustworthiness of particular job candidates.

While much of modern employee selection is a scientific process, you still want to pay attention to immeasurable characteristics. A big one is trustworthiness, which you’ll have to determine especially during face-to-face interviews. There’s not an easy way to do this during a short vetting process, but there are certain signs. They should show humility and be willing to admit certain weaknesses when you ask about them. Also, you can fact-check their resume to make sure they didn’t fabricate their accomplishments.

This is just a brief primer on how to approach employee selection. There are entire books dedicated to the topic, but if you franchise with us, we’ll provide top-notch support for finding and training employees.

Island Fin Poke operates dozens of franchise locations in 15 states, from California to Rhode Island. This means that our success depends on the dedication of hundreds of employees in several areas.

We hope this encourages you, a potential franchise owner with us, to place a strong emphasis on effective hiring processes. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us at (702) 755-1258 with questions, comments, and suggestions.

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