3 Reasons to Consider Food Franchise Ownership

We could probably devote an entire book to why franchise ownership is a terrific idea for motivated Americans. It’s a great approach for single entrepreneurs, married couples, and even semi-retired folks. Today, we want to share with you three concrete reasons you should look into buying a food franchise and say goodbye to an unsatisfying day job.

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Food Service Almost Always Does Well

It’s common for business commentators to debate what does or doesn’t constitute a “recession-proof” industry or economic sector. While there are some businesses that do better than others, almost all franchise restaurants experience solid durability.

Why is this? Well, the entire concept of franchising implies that the company has already achieved success, and intends to expand its market share. You, as a franchisee, would have immediate access to a winning program, whereas if you go at it alone, you’re vulnerable to the same attrition risks as other startups.

Finally, the food industry is booming even after the difficult COVID lockdowns. That’s because food service has a knack for adaptability and prompt consumer responsiveness. If that sounds like something you could do, then we’d love to meet you.

The Income Potential is Legit

Many would-be franchisees are nervous about starting a franchise business when they see the initial investment costs. We won’t lie to you and pretend its a “drop in the bucket.” However, there is a mountain of evidence that suggests you can recoup all of it and then some within a few years.

There have been average owners of restaurants like Panera or Subway who have grossed well over a million dollars in three years or fewer. In franchising, perseverance and patience are among the chief virtues.

It’s a Great Family Business Opportunity

We hinted at this in the intro, but food franchising works great for married couples, families, and any other arrangement where you can quickly harness a trustable team. Don’t take our word for it, either. Scroll through some of our IFP locations, which are all over the country, and you’ll find several stores owned by couples. That’s because fast-casual, small, novelty restaurants are fun to manage and don’t require enormous investments, like busy McDonald’s stores.

Even if you have adolescent or teenage children, this can be an outstanding way to teach them how to develop business skills. We have some owners who have had children purchase their own separate franchises after learning the ropes with their parents.

Would you like to learn even more pros to running a restaurant franchise like ours?

Then it’s time to get in touch with Island Fin Poke. When you work with us, you’ll get the training and support that other companies promise, but don’t always fulfill. If you’re ready to journey into the exciting world of food franchising, then contact us soon to explore your options.

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