Benefits of Catering Your Parties in 2023

We’d like to invite you to consider professional catering for your next gathering this year. Island Fin Poke, a restaurant business with numerous franchise locations, also specializes in event catering. This covers everything from children’s birthday parties to going-away dinners, and a lot more.

What are the best reasons to select our services for catering your next major event?

Island Fin Poke

Slash Away Party-Planning Stress

Does your upcoming event have 20, 50, or even 200 people? Even with months of time to do so, this can be a monumentally stressful affair to plan. As long as you give our team a quick heads up, we can take care of all the food prep for your wedding, retirement party, or corporate luncheon.

Deal with Other Party Components

Perhaps you’d like to plan a big football or NCAA tournament party and want to invite a large group over to watch. While food may be the toughest logistical aspect, there are other things to do as well: invite everybody, grab beer, set up games/music, etc. If you’d like to focus on throwing an all-out, day-long party, it’s nice to focus on things other than meal prep. That’s where Island Fin Poke can make life easier.

Save Time & Enjoy Your Party

Then there’s just the simple desire to enjoy one’s party. Many event hosts enjoy being the planner, MC, or facilitator, but even they would like to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Therefore, partnering with us is a fantastic way to achieve that objective.

Poke – A Radical Departure from Typical Party Food

Have you ever had Hawaiian cuisine, what we call “poke”? If not, your family reunion might be a fun chance to explore something novel. Plus, we can prepare it in different ways to satisfy several dietary preferences. Whether you’re a seafood lover, or would rather try poke with chicken or tofu, we can accommodate. This is way better than your garden-variety pizza or tacos.

We can think of other reasons to try IFP’s catering system, but you get the picture. You can learn more about our menu choices, by visiting our website tab, dedicated specifically to catering. There, you’ll find many ways to supply your friends, family, and coworkers with outstanding, freshly prepped Hawaiian poke.

Thank you for reading this brief announcement from Island Fin Poke. We’re one of America’s fastest-growing poke restaurant businesses, dedicated to consistent customer service, every day, with our stores open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. You can find our various locations on our website. Reach out to a location nearest you today!

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