5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Poke Bowl Franchise

It’s so important to know your “why” for starting a restaurant business. Not knowing the best reasons could spell disaster for the first time you face adversity or obstacles.

Do you know your “why” for starting a Poke Bowl franchise? If you’re a little shaky on the matter, then here are a few solid reminders.

Island Fin Poke Bowl

The Poke Market is Growing Fast

It wasn’t long ago that Poke was unknown outside Hawaii. Within the last few decades, it’s made its way to the rest of the U.S., and in the past 10 years, Poke has become a colossal hit. That’s because it fits well into what we call “fast casual” service, where patrons get to try exotic food, a la carte, without waiting in long lines. We don’t see this popular trend, fast casual dining or Poke, hitting a plateau anytime soon.

There’s Still Plenty of Room for Newcomers

Island Fin Poke currently operates locations in over a dozen states, but that leaves plenty of new frontier all across the country. It’s the kind of novel dining system you could have in any sizable jurisdiction, particularly near colleges and anywhere around young professionals.

Poke is Delicious & Healthy

A terrific source of agency and purpose comes from serving great food to your fellow friends and neighbors. If you experience very little joy or passion in your current line of work, this alone could rejuvenate your career motivations. It’s also a tremendous consolation to know that you’re producing healthy food that will sustain folks far better than the Standard American Diet.

It’s Also Highly Profitable

Since this is an in demand product and service, it’s easy to make money. All you have to do is find the right franchise system, plug into it, work hard, and profits are sure to follow.

You Can Find a Great Franchisor for an Affordable Investment

While some franchisees experience consternation over the startup costs, it’s well worth it when you build a successful Poke Bowl franchise within a year or two. Island Fin Poke offers a supportive system with startup costs that are less than half the price of starting other restaurants. Also, you get what you pay for when you invest in a partnership with us. We offer plenty of material support, help with marketing, ongoing training, and plenty of opportunity to ask questions. That’s because we know that our success depends on yours.

These are a few of our favorite “why’s” for starting a successful Poke Bowl franchise. If this excites you, and you’re ready to learn more, then Island Fin Poke wants to hear from you. Contact us today to find out all about lucrative franchise possibilities.

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