Join the Functional Food Trend by Opening a Poke Franchise

Nowadays, the latest trend among restaurant patrons is the demand for what some call “functional foods.” It’s a concept that takes eating to a level beyond basic food consumption. Today’s restaurant consumers insist on a dining experience that optimizes health, offers a chance to socialize, and reflects other modern values.

Let’s explore this topic to see its implications for owning a restaurant franchise. We think you’ll find that owning a Poke franchise is one of the best ways to satisfy contemporary demand for functional foods.

Like we said, the reason folks appreciate functional foods and food service is because it addresses certain values they possess. These are a few examples of what we mean:

Communicate with Your Fellow Franchisees

Did you know we now have restaurant locations in 14 different states? That means you have dozens of other compatriots within the Island Fin Poke Ohana. We can’t over-emphasize the value of befriending at least one of your fellow franchisees to exchange ideas, celebrate victories, and even lament frustrations. Remember that owning a franchise business is not about being marooned on a faraway island. It’s a terrific opportunity to own a legitimate business AND connect with a team simultaneously.

High-Quality Nutrition

You can’t get away with slapping together a quick cheeseburger or taco and expect it to sell to many of today’s health-conscious consumers. You MUST place an emphasis on quality ingredients, which are fresh, satiating, and still delicious.

Portion Control

Have you ever been on a diet that required you to count calories or manage carb intake? Those are two examples of popular diet systems that involve paying extra attention to every item you consume. Island Fin Poke actually helps customers with this by including our Nutritional Calculator on all our franchise websites. This allows patrons to track the calories, fats, carbs, grams of sodium, and cholesterol in every ingredient.

Dining Novelty

It helps to have something unique about your restaurant that makes it stand out from all the other options people have. That’s why fast-casual dining, our service method, is so popular. IFP patrons get the chance to enjoy novel Hawaiian-style food, prepared right in front of them, without long lines.

Social Opportunity

One reason we place a lot of emphasis on our catering service is because there’s a real demand for eating together socially. We offer something that eliminates the need for lots of cooking, but still gives folks a chance to eat together, be that at family reunion, company picnic, or Christmas party.

Poke Fulfills The Demand for Functional Food

As you can see, Poke checks a lot of those boxes. It’s very healthy, works great for social gatherings, provides a pleasant break from the monotony of normal dining, and can help you lose weight.

If this sounds like something you appreciate as a consumer, and wouldn’t mind facilitating as a business owner, then we’d like to hear from you. Island Fin Poke runs dozens of Hawaiian Poke franchises all across America. We’ve already mastered what it takes to provide outstanding functional food services in a variety of places.

Contact us anytime to learn more about functional food service and franchise opportunities.

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