Check Out the Perks of the Service-Based Franchise Industry

The service industry is an excellent place to start a franchise business or enter an agreement with an experienced company like Island Fin Poke. You might already know that about 70% of restaurants operate as franchise systems, but do you know why it works so well? We’ll explain the benefits of franchising in the food service business.

Provide Legitimate Service Customers Can’t Do Themselves

While anybody can cook and put together a meal, it takes knowledge, skills, and talent to create delicious and exotic food like Hawaiian Poke. This is true of many restaurants, but even more so when you produce a novel cuisine. That’s one of the big things modern restaurant-goers seek these days: functional foods and novelty.

Make Revenue Easier Than in Non-Franchised Businesses

There’s no such thing as “easy money” in business, but service-based franchises are a much sturdier bet than other start-ups that experience higher turnovers, complex employee relations, steep learning curves, and other headaches.

Service Businesses Generate Loyal, Repeat Customers

If you follow our system for delivering fresh and delicious Hawaiian Poke, you’re bound to generate a loyal following in your hometown. We’ve gotten this to work in diverse locations spanning dozens of states across the country.

They Also Help You Get Referrals

The best marketing tactic is to obtain referral customers. Exemplary service makes people happy, and they’ll inevitably award you by telling their friends and neighbors all about your tasty seafood creations.

There’s Relatively Low Overhead Costs

Starting a business, including a franchise, requires investment. Thankfully, with our restaurant franchise model, you can enter an agreement at less than half the cost, and quickly recover your initial investment with early profits.

You’re In Control of Your Destiny

While it’s important to stick to the Island Fin Poke business framework, it doesn’t require you to relinquish every ounce of creativity. Nobody in our business will lord over you or attempt to micromanage your operation. We want franchisees that take ownership of their establishment.

Service Businesses Have Great Growth Potential

You can grow fast and make top dollar when you get an effective restaurant running at full speed. It’s even possible for individual franchisees to branch out with locations in other cities after success with their first store.

Franchise Training is Outstanding

Most conventional employees bemoan the lack of training. When they get any, it’s superficial and only serves to shield employers from lawsuits. This is not so for franchise businesses. Training is an absolute prerequisite for entering a franchise agreement. That’s why Island Fin Poke offers several days of it along with continuing support after you launch.

We invite you to learn about franchise opportunities at Island Fin Poke. This could be the entrepreneurial endeavor you’ve been wanting for a long time. Contact us soon to discover what we offer.

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