Franchising is One of the Best Paths Toward Retirement

If you want to secure an even better retirement, then now is the time to build and grow a strong franchise business. We’re seeing people do exactly that with several successful Island Fin Poke franchises. This is your chance to not only escape the monotony and lack of opportunity in the employment world but help yourself transition into an enjoyable retirement.

Why Franchising is Great for Retirement Prospects

Retiring As Your Own Boss

We believe that becoming a franchise owner is the best middle ground between being an employee for someone else and owning a business as a sole proprietor. You get both the mentorship and value of a proven business system with the ability to own and manage something that’s truly yours. This is a great way to finish your career, especially if you’ve always wanted to run your own enterprise.

Franchise Investing

Franchise investing allows you to put your money into a second (or third) business without having to handle every operational aspect. You can oversee a new launch without micromanaging everything. If you’re good at building a team, and looking to retire soon, this could be a great way to ride into the sunset of your career.

Using a 401(k) or IRA for a 2nd Career Investment

Have you reached the age where you can withdraw from your 401(k) and don’t want to see it whither away in today’s turbulent stock market? That’s great. You can put your retirement money to better use with a franchise investment, and receive a much greater return on investment. Instead of riding out a potentially destructive market decline, investing in a franchise business lets you have much more control over your destiny. Many retirees are embracing this semi-retired approach, at least in the early wonder years of their 60s or 70s.

Semi-Absentee Ownership

This opportunity is similar to the point about franchise investing. Here, you’re a franchise owner and make important decisions, but don’t have to overwhelm yourself with day-to-day management. With the right team in place (especially if you build it before you want to retire), you can maintain a sense of purpose in life AND have plenty of time for rest and relaxation. It’s that golden combination of light work and free time many American retirees are after these days.

The entire business framework for Island Fin Poke revolves around franchising. Every one of our business units (there are now dozens) operates as a franchise for producing quality Hawaiian seafood. If you want to expedite your retirement or gain a whole new career outlook, then consider contacting us to learn more about franchising with Island Fin Poke.

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