Marketing Grand Opening Event Ideas to Boost Your Brand

Great branding and marketing is so important to us at Island Fin Poke. It’s one of the focal points we stress whenever we open a new franchise location. Of course, the grand opening event is a phenomenal opportunity to make a big splash and terrific first impression in your community.

So, with that in mind, here are four ways you can make an enormous impact with your marketing grand opening. This is especially helpful for franchise businesses.

Advertise Extensively with Social Media Right Out of the Gate

In the old days, businesses might have grand opening sales and ribbon-cutting events. While those are still common, the marketing aspect has developed to include a very important social media component. Since almost everybody uses some form or another, it behooves you to include Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter as part of your opening strategy.

Make Your Website Stellar and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once you’ve got your social media message right, you should fine-tune your website to make sure it gets to the top pages of Google and other search engines. There’s a concept called search engine optimization (SEO), which involves the science of doing this. One good way to start is by creating a Google Business Profile. If you do this before your launch date, then people will find your business on Google Maps whenever they search for your services in that local area.

Open with a Big PR Campaign

Then there are several other ways to boost public relations (PR) for your brand. This includes some of the traditional advertising outlets such as press releases, radio spots, newspaper announcements, local TV ads, and any other way to spread the word that you’re ready to do business.

Don’t Forget About Email Marketing

Have you noticed how lots of websites try to get you to sign up for email newsletters? There’s a reason they’re so adamant about it. It works! You should try it as well by learning how to put together an effective newsletter. Even if it’s just one time for the grand opening, you’d be surprised how well email gets your name out there.

These should be your biggest tools for waging a successful marketing grand opening for your business. We do this sort of thing a lot since our business now exists in over a dozen states, coast to coast. Trust us when we say you want to start with a big impact.

Island Fin Poke is a franchised company that adds the novelty of Hawaiian-style seafood to the restaurant market. We offer numerous franchise opportunities to normal Americans who wish to realize their career dreams and finally own a business.

Who knows? This could be you someday. If so, then drop us a line to learn more!

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