The Importance of Good Customer Service

Nobody would dispute the common sense wisdom that good customer service helps profitability. Do you know why it’s so important? In this piece, we’d like to do a refresher on the reasons good customer service is a win-win for everyone.

Tremendous Benefits of Solid Customer Service

There are many advantages to emphasizing customer service, but here are some ones you may value the most.

Better Customer Retention & Loyalty

There are lots of ways to build better customer loyalty with tactics like free giveaways, discounts, coupons, and other promotions. We’ve noticed that many business patrons, especially in food and hospitality, just want better service. This covers everything from fast delivery, service with a smile (a lost art these days), punctuality, good workmanship, honoring warranties, honesty, and more. If you can improve in these basic elements, your customers and clients will reward you with continued business.

It Helps Your Brand Image

Reputation is a big deal in business. We sometimes discuss the significance of branding rather than just pure advertising. When you develop a strong brand reputation, people will retain your goods and service in the future. Exemplary service is the cornerstone for this, though. One way you can tell whether you excel at it is to check your ratings and evaluations on Google Reviews or Amazon Reviews. When you read them, do you find a lot of service complaints? If so, then subpar customer service could be the culprit.

Loyal Customers Will Bring You Referrals

Good service isn’t just about retaining previous customers. It lets you expand and gain new ones as well. You notice this a lot with home improvement companies. Whenever a roofing business does a great job installing a new roof, there’s a good chance that the satisfied homeowner will tell their friends and neighbors about their work. Referrals are a terrific way for any business, including restaurants, to earn free advertising, but it’s contingent upon excellent service.

Give More Agency to Employees

Many employees work in places where they’d like to do more and experience a greater sense of agency and accomplishment. Believe it or not, most folks don’t want to work a job and “collect a paycheck.” You, as a business or franchise owner, can facilitate this desire by cultivating better customer service habits. Done well, it’ll boost the morale of your employees and eliminate the mentality of doing only the minimum at work.

Island Fin Poke dedicates a lot of time and energy into improving customer service. That’s why we not only serve excellent Hawaiian cuisine but also provide catering service and allow customers to order food online. We even have a tool for calculating the nutritional content of the food you eat with us. If you’d like to learn more about our commitment to customer service or anything else we do, contact us on our website, or stop into one of our locations today!

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