Here’s Why Training in a Franchise Business is So Important

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve read an article extolling the virtues of training in a workplace setting. It’s a common business topic because success is nearly impossible without substantial dedication to training, mentoring, and encouraging employees. We pay a lot of attention to training necessities within the entire scope of our franchise business system.

Island Fin Poke wants to take a moment to elaborate on the many reasons why training is important for franchise businesses.

Franchise businesses are built on the concept of franchisor-driven training.

Franchisees depend on the training they get from a franchisor’s proven business methods. They pay good money in start-up and royalty fees to obtain it, and would otherwise start their own business if there was no value to it.

Ongoing training is necessary to sustain morale, further expertise, and even ensure regulatory compliance.

If you don’t continuously train your franchisees and employees on regulatory changes, you may incur some very serious legal problems. Also, the industry itself may evolve, rendering a critical need for franchise businesses to adapt. Furthermore, training helps improve morale and fosters the professional development of each individual team member.

Training your employees is a way to promote healthy camaraderie throughout an organization.

Perhaps at certain times, your team members don’t get a chance to interact with one another given their many busy duties (like serving customers in a busy restaurant). Taking the time for team training has the positive side effect of reinvigorating the workplace, especially when folks start to feel antipathy toward each other.

Awesome Training Opportunities at Island Fin Poke

Those are some great reasons for franchise businesses to emphasize training. Now let’s look at some specific ways Island Fin Poke approaches the topic.

  • We’re a franchise company that dedicates dozens of hours into training just at the franchise launch phase alone. This includes 17 hours of classroom training, 23 hours of on-the-job-training, but perhaps most importantly, it involves countless hours of hands-on assistance while you’re launching your business. Island Fin Poke never leaves a franchisee alone on an island (even if it’s Hawaii!).
  • We teach all the ins-and-outs of running a fast-casual restaurant business. Along with that, our franchisees receive all the equipment, technology, and marketing tools necessary for success. You’ll get all the cooking supplies, security/surveillance equipment, computer and software support, and signs. In addition, all of our franchise locations have individual websites.

Island Fin Poke loves to discuss all the elements of franchising almost as much as serving delicious Hawaiian food. If you want to know more about either, you can reach out to us at any time via email, and don’t forget to check out our lucrative franchising opportunities.

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