Motivating Your Team for Better Business Success

As you might already know, the Island Fin Poke business is a franchise restaurant system with dozens of locations spread out all across America. We love this business approach because it’s one of the best ways to allow our various franchisees the opportunity to take ownership of their Poke restaurants within our proven and effective business model of excellent Hawaiian-style seafood service. It’s also a great way to engender motivation among all our teammates in every corner of our business.

We love to talk about motivation and why it’s so critical to business success, particularly in a franchised system. Here are a few strategies for motivating your team.

Motivation Strategies

Motivation starts at the top and flows throughout the company.

This is crucial because we know that we can’t expect good performance from our chefs and staff if folks at the top lack motivation.

How do we go about motivating team members in a franchise business? Well, it’s important to start from the very beginning with excellent training and resources whenever we open a new shop with new partners.

We give our store owners everything they need for success, whether it be cooking supplies and amenities, extensive training with our veteran owners, or ongoing support after they launch. Motivation is a continuous effort that spans the full duration of our business partnerships.

We always make sure there are opportunities for advancement.

Since we’re a franchised restaurant business, we are always searching for talented entrepreneurs to own and operate one of our new locations. We’ve seen success at this by forming partnerships not only with great external candidates, but also from those within the business. It’s also a great idea for franchise owners to identify and cultivate rising stars and encourage them to seek more responsibility and growth within Island Fin Poke.

Remind every team member that they are the face of the business.

Whenever a patron enters any Island Fin Poke location, it’s not the CEO that gives them their first impression. It’s the service team who serves them a nice Poke Bowl with a smile and warm greeting. We want our team members to remember that they are the face of Island Fin Poke. So much of our success hinges upon their positive attitude toward delivering an excellent customer experience.

Island Fin Poke wants our franchise business system to be just like an Ohana (Hawaiian for family). We’ve found that his approach, when done genuinely, not superficially, really gets the most out of everybody. That’s why we encourage all our franchisees to incorporate it into their mission. If you want to learn more about motivation, franchising, or Poke, then you’re always welcome to contact us at any time by filling out this franchise inquiry form or by calling (702) 755-1258.

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