Investing in a Healthy Food Franchise

Are you a budding entrepreneur still searching for the right business idea? Have you thought about entering into a franchise agreement with a healthy food business? Given the increased demand, healthy restaurants are becoming a really smart business move.

We want to show you a few reasons why this works so well in 2022 and invite you to consider Island Fin Poke’s franchise opportunities.

Benefits of Investing in a Healthy Food Franchise

Here are a few reasons we think healthy food restaurants are viable right now.

  • It’s a growing sector. Even prior to the pandemic, folks were becoming health conscious. The arrival of popular diets like Keto, gluten-free, veganism, and others are a testament to this as well.
  • You have plenty of options. Hawaiian Poke is our favorite, but there are other options like Japanese restaurants, yogurt shops, and even organic coffee shops.
  • If you franchise, you get lots of support from an experienced franchisor. Therefore, it’s not the same as having to build an entire business from scratch by yourself.
  • The turnover rate for franchise businesses is lower than for traditional ones. Plus, with hard work and patience, the ROI is better as well.
  • Some estimates say that the healthy food industry is worth more than $5 billion now.

The Island Fin Poke Franchise Opportunity

Island Fin Poke is partial to the franchise business approach along with healthy and delicious food. We use a service style known as “fast casual,” so our patrons don’t have to wait long. Our other favorite task is event catering, which all of our franchises offer.

The goal behind the franchise program is to develop business leaders to spread our successful restaurant model to even more places throughout the country. We facilitate your success by:

  • Offering several days of training and education, including after you launch an Island Fin Poke location in your hometown.
  • Giving you all the hardware and equipment you need to run a full-time restaurant: building space, cooking supplies, marketing materials, surveillance equipment, signs, and more.
  • Providing an affordable way to enter into a franchise agreement. While other franchise models require well over $500,000 in startup fees, Island Fin Poke usually runs somewhere between $194,950 and $355,600.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what it means to run a successful franchise with us. Again, it’s hard work and involves managing a team, but for the right person, it’s a huge opportunity to thrive.

Island Fin Poke now has dozens of Hawaiian-themed locations all over the country. We satisfy the growing demand for fun and healthy food with our delicious seafood meals. Our entire business structure depends on strong and committed franchise owners. If that sounds like something for you, then check out our section for franchise inquiries to learn more.

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