Let Franchising Be the Business Opportunity That Leads to Success

What would you say to an opportunity to jump right into a “ready-made” business? One of the toughest things about being an entrepreneur is the ingenuity aspect. Not every hard-working business pro has the capability to create something from scratch.

Entering into a franchise arrangement, however, gives you a chance to plug into a ready-made system AND enjoy the autonomy of business ownership.

Advantages to the Ready-Made Approach

We could write volumes on why franchising has become popular in recent years. One of the main advantages is that it strikes a middle ground between a sole proprietorship and being someone else’s employee. If you want the freedom of working for yourself but don’t know how to do everything, yet, then franchising may suit you well.

Entering into a franchise system gives you a ready-made blueprint or manual on how to conduct business. Are you unfamiliar with how to market a restaurant business? That’s no problem because somebody else has already done it to perfection. Plus, they can show you the ropes for a reasonable fee.

Good franchisors provide legitimate mentorship for the hardest parts of owning a business without micromanaging your every movement.

Disadvantages to “Going Alone”

You’ve probably heard some variation of “90% of businesses fail within the first year.” Give or take a few percentage points, it’s a consistent stat, which indicates how hard it is to sustain a small business.

Franchising offers a much lower turnover rate because going alone in your business forces you to cultivate an entire brand from nothing. There are way more misses than hits, and even if you’re incredibly talented, hard-working, and intelligent, there’s a lot of luck involved. Your chances for success are way higher with a franchise system that has already survived the difficult developmental process.

Island Fin Poke Franchise Opportunities

As always, we offer everyone the chance to at least inquire about franchise opportunities with Island Fin Poke. Franchising is not for everyone and there’s a lot of discernment over which business brand is the most appropriate. Not all franchise businesses are of equal value.

If you like the idea of running a popular healthy-food restaurant and want to take advantage of extensive training and support, then we might be a good match. This is also a good option for those of you who desire to run a restaurant at substantially lower startup costs.

Island Fin Poke runs a franchising business model with Hawaiian-themed restaurant locations all across America. All of our shops are run by individual franchisees and married couples. It’s a great way to run a business even if you’ve never done so. Contact us at any time to learn more about the Island Fin Poke business model by calling (702) 755-1258.

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